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Water Course Maintenance

CPH Plant Hire & Contracting Services offer a full water course maintenance service including flailing banks and adjoining hedges, weed cutting and removal, sludge removal, re-profiling of banks, cutting of new water courses.  Pipe installation and back-filling services are offered as well as culvert supply and installation.

  Drains and Watercourses

  * bank flailmowing

  * hedge flailmowing

  * weed cutting and removal

  * silt removal

  * re-grading and re-profiling

  * tree surgery or removal

* pipe supply and installation

* culvert supply and installation


Pond and Lakes and Lagoons

* construction of ponds and lakes;
   sizes range from garden pond to large lakes

* Construction of slurry storage lagoons to Environment
   Agency standards

* maintenance of ponds and lakes including weed
   and silt removal

* tree surgery or removal

Customers include large internal drainage boards, famers, land owners, householders, fish farms and garden centres.

Please contact Max Cook on 07767 790162 or James Cook on 07720 053346 for a discussion and quotation.